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Nutricharge DHA contains 400 mg elemental DHA made specially for women in the reproductive phase. Women planning to conceive, pregnant ladies as well as lactating mothers need to consume just 1 veg soft capsule of Nutricharge DHA daily to get the necessary DHA. The DHA reaches the foetus through the placenta and helps in the formation of brain of the foetus/child.

Unlike the market available DHA which is made from fish and is strong in odour; Nutricharge DHA is one of its type completely vegetarian product and has a sweet caramel smell making it easier for the pregnant women to consume the veg soft capsule.

Who can consume:
1. All the women, who are in pregnancy planning stage
2. Pregnant women
3. Lactating mothers

Dosage: Daily 1 Nutricharge DHA veg soft capsule

M.R.P. : Rs. 1350 for a pack of 30(2 strips x15) veg soft capsule (1 month pack)


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