Nutricharge BioAge

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Nutricharge BioAge is a daily health supplement fortified with 53 Natural herbs to help protect our liver from damaging effects of alcohol and detoxify our body. It also contains 3 Pre and Probiotics and 16 Enzymes to restore digestive health. Liver is a very important organ and is responsible for more than 500 functions.
Liver is the chemical factory of the body and detoxifies the body by removing toxins which enter our body from various sources. Digestive enzymes are helpful in proper digestion of food materials whereas Probiotic improve gut health.

Who can consume:
1. People who consume alcohol or tobacco
2. People aged 50 years and above
3. People suffering from digestive or liver problems.

Dosage: One coated tablet of Nutricharge BioAge to be taken with a glass of water half an hour after lunch or dinner every day
MRP: Rs 1500 for a pack of 30 tablet (1 month pack)

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