Nutricharge VIEW

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Product Description

Nutricharge VIEW is a 100% vegetarian soft capsule. It contains eye protecting nutrients in effective dosages like 20 mg Lutein and 4 mg of Zeaxanthin along with Beta-carotene and Vitamin E.
Nutricharge VIEW is available in a consumer-friendly pack of 30 capsules (2 strips x 15 vegetarian soft capsules each) in a box.

Who can consume:
18 years and above People using Mobile phones, IPads and Tablets frequently and for long duration daily

1 capsule of Nutricharge VIEW to be taken daily with water after meal

MRP: 540/- for 30 vegetarian soft capsules.



Most of the people stress their eyes by using mobiles frequently. Mobile phones, Tabs, iPads, Desktops and Laptops releases harmful high energy blue light which damages the retina of the eyes eventually affecting the vision. “Nutricharge VIEW vegetarian soft capsule” is ‘The scientific nutritional formula to protect eyes from the harmful blue light’. It contains the most clinically researched branded ingredient like Lutemax 2020 (A unique combination of 20% Lutein & 4% Zeaxanthin). Lutein and Zeaxanthin are the eye-protecting nutrients which get accumulated in the retina and effectively filter the harmful blue light to protect the retina of the eyes. Lutein and Zeaxanthin consumed in right quantities regularly, help protect the eyes from the harmful blue rays. Nutricharge VIEW vegetarian soft capsule also provides Beta-carotene and Vitamin E. All these nutrients have proven benefits for eyes.
Nutricharge VIEW vegetarian soft capsule “For Eye Health”


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